unternehmensberatung, gründercoaching & networking

Matthias Richter (M.A.), business consultant, successfully advices small and middle-class companies on foundations in Düsseldorf and the region around.

  • Business consulting, foundation-coaching & networking
  • Extensive business consulting before, during and after business start-up
  • Concepts and strategies for your foundation
  • Competent advice on financing and government aid
  • Commercial launch, business plans, ideas, research and valuable contacts
  • Advice on individual goal-oriented marketing and effective costumer acquisition
  • Guidance while crisis or recapitalization
  • Multilingual service (e. g.: English, Greek, Japanese, Russian)

I cooperate with a network of experienced consultants around the Rhine-area and in Berlin. Together we can accompany you non-bureaucratically, competent and effective in practically all lines of business and in most concerns of your foundation. A governmental subsidization for the advice- and coaching benefits is possible.


マティアス リヒタ-は、主にデュッセルドルフ市内と近郊で、5年間の中小企業の設立をアドバイスし成功している実績があります。


  • 事業設立前、および設立後存在の広範なビジネスコンサルティング

  • 融資や政府援助に有能なアドヴァイス

  • 危機や資本増強に関するガイダンス

  •  個々のターゲットを絞った効果的な顧客獲マーケティングのためのカウンセリング